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2010 Hedge Fund Pay Survey: Human Capital and Pay Practices

The BarclayHedge Grahall Hedge Fund Pay Survey is one of the most comprehensive surveys in the the hedge fund industry. The survey provides in-depth analysis of compensation benchmarks as well as the pay policies and practices of alternative asset management firms. Preview the report for free and find the information and insights you need to set your budgets for 2011.

BarclayHedge Grahall Pay Survey

This unique 250 page report provides participants not only perspective on the architecture of key human capital and compensation practices in the hedge fund industry but has over 100 pages of information on the pay levels for 28 different positions within the hedge fund industry from firms with less than $100 million of AUM to firms with over $6 billion AUM.

Review the list of participants and positions.

2010 Key Findings

  • Pay levels for 28 key positions from the CEO to the receptionist within hedge funds
  • The characteristics of the ownership, transfer of ownership, and valuation of shares within the hedge funds
  • Firms continue to add capacity in the global macro, long-short equity, and multi-strategy areas
  • While 29% of Respondents decreased their investment staff, only 10% expect to decrease staff in 2011. 54% expect to increase investment staff
  • When new partners are added to a firm, 70% are added on a discretionary basis
  • 56% of Respondents always require partners to commit personal capital to a fund managed by the firm
  • 86% of Respondents are not considering changes in their fee structure
  • 64% of Respondents outsource some part of accounting. Technology is entirely outsourced by 36% of firms
  • 61% of Respondents do not have a management succession plan.

About Grahall

Grahall is a cutting edge intellectual capital organization that collects and translates business, human resources, and investment information into useful forms for organizations seeking to convert knowledge assets into financial, personal, and business success. As a thought leader with a profound understanding of its business and marketplace, Grahall Partners communicates its insight and vision through consultancy services, survey and research publications, investment alerts, total rewards, in-person and online training, media, and other information distribution channels.

Grahall believes that there is more to setting pay levels than meets the eye, as they approach each survey from a business perspective designed to reveal the linkage between industry trends, pay practices, and competitive pay levels.

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