Single Manager Hedge Fund Database


Single out the single-manager hedge funds that match your investment objectives. More than 350 unique data points help you sort and compare 5,224 hedge funds, UCITS funds and 40 Act funds with pinpoint precision. Our database refreshes daily, delivering the latest on strategies, trading, performance and more. Use our FundFinder Pro software to build robust custom reports.

Discover why BarclayHedge is the industry standard for comprehensive and accurate single-manager hedge fund data.

Single Manager Hedge Fund Database Features

Company Profile:

Key principal contact information, email addresses, bios

Investment Details:

Fees, minimum investment, accepted investor types, redemptions, lock-up periods and more


Monthly performance and AUMs, performance and volatility targets


Primary, secondary and tertiary strategy categories, markets traded, geographical exposure and trade holding periods


Use of leverage and options, long/short exposure, primary and secondary benchmarks, fund service providers, last audit and K1 status

Underlying Holdings:

Portfolio holdings broken out by average percentage allocation

Quality Data:

Reported directly from the source, hand-checked for accuracy and anomalies

Single Manager Hedge Funds Database as of July 15, 2024
Features Pro Enhanced
Unlock all premium search and analysis features in FundFinder Pro
Daily refresh of performance information
Comprehensive 8-page fact sheets for each fund
View equity holdings of SEC registered hedge fund managers and compare sector allocations to industry averages and between managers
Contact details for up to two principals on each reporting fund
Expanded contact information - Up to 5-key decision makers for all reporting funds
Contact details for non-reporting funds
Separate Contacts tab allows you to easily construct a contact marketing mailing list
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