About Us

Since our founding in 1985, BarclayHedge has built a trusted reputation for connecting institutional investors with the data they need to thrive in the tumultuous world of alternative investments. Institutional clients worldwide turn to us for crucial insights that help them manage portfolios and assess the performance of managed futures funds.

Please note: BarclayHedge is not affiliated with Barclays Bank or any of its affiliated entities. We are a privately owned Iowa corporation.

Formerly known as The Barclay Group, our company employs research specialists, programmers, and data-admin personnel with broad and deep experience in digital databases and alternative investments. Our position at the nexus of data, finance, and technology provides unparalleled insight to our clients.

  • Financial database development – Our industry-leading Alternative Investment Database helps investors analyze the performance of more than 6,900 hedge funds and managed futures programs worldwide. Our core offerings — the Barclay Hedge Fund Database and the Barclay Managed Futures (CTA) Database — provide the performance rankings published globally in industry journals and directories.
  • Research leadership – Our databases have made us one of the foremost sources for people conducting proprietary research in the alternative investments field. Due-diligence teams and academic researchers prize our data on performance and assets under management.
  • Insightful indices – We have created and now update more than two dozen proprietary indices tracking the performance of alternative investments. We publish a macro Hedge Fund Index and 16 sub-indices tracking the most important hedge fund sectors. We also provide 10 indexes covering the CTA/managed futures space.
  • Industry relationships – More than three decades of experience in the alternative investments industry have helped us nurture strong relationships with some of the world’s top fund managers and institutional investors. These relationships help us deliver extra value to our database clients.
  • Expert consulting – Everything we’ve learned building, supporting, and growing our database business can strengthen financial firms and fund managers. We show companies how to improve their data-analysis operations and develop custom indices that burnish their brands.
  • Complementary skills – Beyond our core business of research and performance measurement, we have specialized experience in publishing and software development.

Explore Barclay’s dynamic resource portal of fund and sector trends, performance statistics, and specialized research reports with ProAccess.


BarclayHedge subscribers tap into the unmatched expertise we have amassed in the three decades since Sol Waksman launched the business. Our expansive knowledge and unique perspective can help you structure investment portfolios that deliver global market participation and risk diversification.