About Us

Since our founding in 1985, BarclayHedge has built a trusted reputation for connecting institutional and professional investors with the data they need to thrive in the tumultuous world of alternative investments. Clients worldwide turn to us for crucial insights that help them manage portfolios and assess the performance of hedge funds, CTAs, UCITS funds and other alternative investment vehicles.
Please note: BarclayHedge is not affiliated with Barclays Bank or any of its affiliated entities.
Our company employs research specialists, programmers, and data-admin personnel with broad and deep experience in digital databases and alternative investments. Acquired by Backstop Solutions Group in 2019, our position at the nexus of data, finance, and technology provides unparalleled insight to our clients.

BarclayHedge subscribers tap into the unmatched expertise we have amassed in the three decades since Sol Waksman launched the business. Our expansive knowledge and unique perspective can help you structure investment portfolios that deliver global market participation and risk diversification.