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Growth in Hedge Fund Assets Accelerates as Net Inflows Leap Nearly 55% Month-over-Month

CTAs March on to Seventh-Straight Month of Positive Net Flows with $3.3 Billion Pickup in May

Investors poured another $36 billion into hedge funds in May, adding nearly a percentage point of growth to industry assets. May marked the third consecutive period of net inflows in what appears to be an accelerating trend. The Barclay Fund Flow Indicator published by BarclayHedge, a division of Backstop Solutions, shows $19.1 billion in net inflows in March, a 22% jump in April ($23.3 billion) followed by a nearly 55% leap in May.…

Hedge Fund Assets Grow Nearly 40% YoY After Posting $23.3 Billion in April Net Inflows

All CTA Sectors Grow YoY; Industry Assets Up Nearly 19% Since April 2020

Net Inflows of $23.3 billion in April signaled a continued vote of investor confidence in the hedge fund industry. This result represented an increase in industry AUM of .6% on the month and built momentum on the previous month’s $19.1 billion increase in hedge fund assets, according to the Barclay Fund Flow Indicator published by BarclayHedge, a division of Backstop Solutions. Industry trading profits exceeded $55.5 billion in April and carried the industry’s aggregate AUM figure past the $4.18 trillion mark.…

Hedge Funds Post a Second Straight Month of Inflows Adding $10.5 Billion in July, According to Backstop BarclayHedge

A drop in unemployment numbers, percentage declines in Covid-19 death rates and rising equity markets buoy investors’ confidence

Hedge funds experienced a second straight month of inflows in July, bringing in $10.5 billion as the industry continued to shake off spring’s pandemic-driven redemption trend. July’s new assets built on June’s $15.1 billion in inflows.…

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