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Survey: ESG Factors Playing an Increasing Role in Allocation Decisions According to Backstop-BarclayHedge Fund Manager Survey

More than 4 in 10 Hedge Fund Managers Consider Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Factors in Allocation Decisions; Impact on Portfolios Is Growing

FAIRFIELD, IA (Jul. 24, 2019) ― Fewer than half of hedge fund industry investors are currently applying environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors in making equity investment decisions. But, for those that do, the impact on their portfolios is considerable and growing, according to the Backstop-BarclayHedge Fund Manager Survey compiled by BarclayHedge, a division of Backstop Solutions.…

Majority of Hedge Fund Pros Use AI/Machine Learning in Investment Strategies

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, July 18, 2018 — Artificial intelligence and machine learning are reshaping the alternative investments landscape, but professional financial managers still make the most pivotal decisions. That’s the conclusion of the latest Barclay Hedge Fund Manager/Investor Survey, a quarterly report on the sentiments of professionals in the alternative investments sector.…

Four fifths of CTAs have no plans to trade Bitcoin futures; BarclayHedge survey reveals uncertainty, sometimes hostility to Cryptocurrencies

FAIRFIELD, Iowa, January 17, 2018 — An international survey of CTAs – managed futures managers – has revealed limited enthusiasm for the new Bitcoin futures contracts offered, since December 2017, by CBOE and CME Group. The survey was conducted in early January by BarclayHedge, a leader in the field of alternative investment data analysis.…

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