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Risk-AI and BarclayHedge Offer New Hedge Fund App for iPad; Users Can Access Hedge Fund Manager Performance Anywhere

“This application allows users to quickly research hedge fund managers and review fund information anytime and anywhere, even without Internet connectivity,” says Aleksey Matiychencko, senior partner and CEO of Risk-AI.

“For example, you could do a quick check on the performance of a hedge fund manager you hear at a conference or meet at a networking event. It could also prove useful during due diligence meetings with managers, or when presenting hedge fund information to clients and investors.”

Transparency Analytics software utilizes the extensive hedge fund performance database compiled by BarclayHedge, the global leader in alternative asset research.

“Our partnership with Risk-AI is helping bring reliable hedge fund data and analysis out into the marketplace, wherever iPad connectivity is available,” says Sol Waksman, founder and president of BarclayHedge.

“By combining the extensive hedge fund data collected by BarclayHedge with insightful analysis and mobility, Risk-AI has set a new standard for accessing and evaluating hedge fund manager performance.”

Current paid subscribers to the BarclayHedge database can now monitor risk analysis of 4991 funds and 1338 funds of hedge funds via their iPad for an additional $50 per month.

Risk-AI is currently the only software vendor that provides hedge fund risk analysis software for iOS platform. Their core philosophy is to focus on those statistics and charts that provide most relevant insights into the hedge fund risk profile.

“Our selection of tools is based on both academic research and practical experience,” says Matiychencko. “We’ve analyzed hundreds of hedge funds and applied that analysis to build our sophisticated yet user-friendly software.”

The key components of Transparency Analytics software are ease of use, intuitive and graphic analytics, and access to the comprehensive data compiled by BarclayHedge.

Visit www.risk-ai.com to sign up for a free trial and download the app.

About Risk-AI
Risk-AI, LLC provides hedge fund manager risk analysis, portfolio construction and review, risk monitoring, and custom software development. The company has developed a proprietary risk analysis platform, and is now bringing it to market as cloud based software called Transparency Analytics.

About BarclayHedge
BarclayHedge is the global leader in providing independent, research-based information services to the alternative investment industry. Founded in 1985, Barclay currently maintains data on more than 12,000 alternative investment vehicles.