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Hedge Fund Positions - Who Is Actually Running The Show?

Too many people who are interested in the financial industry think that the only hedge fund positions that are available are the 100 hour work week hedge fund analyst positions that grind you down and make you a subservient henchmen to the market. While there are lots of those positions to go around, there are also many other hedge fund positions that are the complete opposite of that and actually offer an enjoyable experience. Since each individual hedge fund is set up in its own way, it is difficult to generalize about the specific hedge fund positions that are available, but the three that most hedge funds employ are hedge fund managers, hedge fund administrators and hedge fund analysts.

Hedge Fund Managers
Hedge fund managers are the big players in the financial markets. There are relatively few of these hedge fund positions available, and the turnover rate for successful funds is pretty low. But, if you do find yourself in one of these lucrative positions and can make solid returns year after year, you can make a whole lot of money in no time flat! Most hedge fund analysts think that they have one of the most stressful hedge fund positions in the industry, but if they ever make it to the level of a hedge fund manager, the will sometimes wish they were back in their small cubicle working 100 hour work weeks for a meager salary.

Hedge Fund Administrators
Hedge fund administrators are one of the few hedge fund positions that have relatively little to do with actually trading money. Hedge fund positions on the administrative side of the business focus more on client relations, accounting, and other paperwork that needs to be completed to keep the organization running smoothly. Don't be fooled, though - while this seems like one of the positions that are "easy" and not very stressful, the opposite is usually true. Hedge fund admin is serious business, and things can get intense.

Hedge Fund Analysts
Finally, there are the hedge fund analysts. These are the fund positions that many people dread, but if you want to make it to the top, you have to pay your dues here. Long hours of hard work are the norm here, but as you get used to it, you will become a better investor and stronger than you ever thought possible. If you can make it as a hedge fund analyst for a few years and prove to your superiors that you are a worthy candidate for advancement, you will go far, fast!

It doesn't really matter what your specific interests are - there are many hedge fund positions in the hedge fund industry that you will be able to excel at. From people who love looking at charts and back testing strategies, to people who love selling the results of their hedge fund manager to potential investors, to the hedge fund managers who like making big plays and building their reputation on Wall Street and beyond, there is a place for everyone. If working at a hedge fund is something you are really interested in, start researching your options today!