FundFinder Pro

FundFinder Pro is available when you purchase a subscription to any BarclayHedge database that contains performance data.

FundFinder Pro has two parts:

  • FundFinder Pro is an enhanced version of FundFinder for the database you subscribe to. All the dimmed fields are available, the Portfolio Calculator is enhanced, and the profiles are significantly more detailed.
  • When you use the BarclayHedge database on your computer, the fund and/or program names are clickable. When you click a fund name, a browser window opens and displays an easy-to-read 8-page report with detailed information about the fund. The “Statistics & Risk” page includes extra calculations that are not in the database, such as the Sharpe ratio.

Gain on-demand access to FundFinder Pro by subscribing to a BarclayHedge database and start finding exactly the information you want such as holdings, performance, assets, fees, direct emails and key information about the firms.