Hedge Fund Industry Assets Under Management


The quarter end figures represent estimated assets under management for the hedge fund industry utilizing AUM information provided by contributing hedge fund managers.

To view historical information please click on the respective category. There you will be able to download an Excel file with the available historical data.

Assets Under Management

4th Qtr. 2023



3rd Qtr. 2023



2nd Qtr. 2023

Hedge Funds* $5051.6B     $4959.1B     $5138.7B
Fund of Funds $323.7B     $323.3B     $335.2B


Balanced (Stocks & Bonds) $719.6B     $706.5B     $764.8B
Convertible Arbitrage $32.5B     $35.2B     $37.6B
Distressed Securities $19.4B     $19.7B     $16.0B
Emerging Markets $420.4B     $416.6B     $434.2B
Emerging Markets - Asia $155.7B     $161.2B     $177.2B
Emerging Markets - Eastern Europe $2.5B     $2.3B     $2.1B
Emerging Markets - Global $256.4B     $251.8B     $256.0B
Emerging Markets - Latin America $15.2B     $13.5B     $13.3B
Equity Long Bias $310.7B     $305.2B     $310.6B
Equity Long/Short $149.1B     $139.7B     $144.5B
Equity Long-Only $583.3B     $556.1B     $574.4B
Equity Market Neutral $53.2B     $52.3B     $49.6B
Event Driven $226.5B     $229.7B     $241.8B
Fixed Income $967.0B     $954.9B     $973.1B
Macro $151.2B     $149.8B     $153.8B
Merger Arbitrage $73.8B     $83.8B     $91.2B
Multi-Strategy $688.5B     $687.5B     $694.9B
Options Strategies $48.7B     $48.4B     $48.9B
Other** $80.9B     $77.6B     $87.7B
Sector Specific*** $526.9B     $496.2B     $515.5B

*Excludes Fund of Funds assets
**Other: Include funds categorized as Algorithmic, Closed-end funds, Dividend Capture, Equity Dedicated Short, Equity Short-Bias, Mutual Funds/ETFs, No Category, PIPEs (Regulation D), Replication, and Tail Risk.
***Sector Specific: Includes sector funds categorized as Energy, Environment, ESG, Farming, Financial, Health Care/Biotech, Metals/Mining, Miscellaneous, Natural Resources, Real Estate, and Technology.