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BarclayHedge Sponsored Podcasts


Top Traders Unplugged


BarclayHedge proudly presents to you — the investor, trader, or research analyst — this podcast by Top Traders Unplugged.

In this two-part series Niels Kaastrup-Larsen, of DUNN Capital, and founder of Top Traders Unplugged leads a discussion with his three guests.

Alex Greyserman – ISAM
Katy Kaminski – Campbell & Co.
Roberto Osorio – DUNN Capital Management

With a combined 100 years track record, they explore the trend following space and provide their insights into the history, evolution and future of trend following.

Part 1 — Redefining Trend Following

In this episode, Niels and his guests discuss the history of trend following, what it takes to practice trend following, and the human biases that effect our trading.

You'll learn:

  • The phenomenon of momentum
  • Why Katy & Alex gathered data from hundreds of years ago
  • Why markets are not getting more efficient
  • The three decisions that are involved in a trade, and more…

“People get into analysis paralysis mode.”
– Alex Greyserman

Part 2 — The Simplicity of Trend Following

In part two of this roundtable discussion, Niels and his guests discuss how the industry has evolved, what the future looks like, and how to educate investors on the merits of trend following.

You'll learn:

  • The concept of divergent strategies
  • How trend following CTAs perform risk control
  • Why you should try to debunk any new trading ideas
  • How many trend following managers should you invest in, and more…

"In trend following, you are trying to capture divergence, movements across markets."
– Katy Kaminski


Connecting You with Top Traders






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