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Hedge Fund Due Diligence Reports Hedge Fund Due Diligence Reports

hedge fund due diligence report SwissAnalytics

Hedge Fund Due Diligence Reports

As a BarclayHedge member, you receive an ongoing $500 discount on "Silver" Due Diligence reports and an exclusive 10% discount on your first "Gold" or "Ops" Due Diligence Report from SwissAnalytics.

SwissAnalytics Due Diligence

SwissAnalytics conducts due diligence on the entire range of alternative investment strategies and managers located anywhere in the world in a timely and cost-effective manner. Services are currently offered along three core lines: "Silver"-, "Gold"-, and "Ops"-Due Diligence.

Silver Due Diligence (only $3k/fund!) reports contain a targeted analysis of 120+ core qualitative risk factors applying our proprietary due diligence approach. Silver Due Diligence reports provide investors with an independent, professional second opinion on funds and help to reduce risk in alternative investment portfolios.

Gold Due Diligence reports contain our analysis of 200+ risk factors, operational onsite due diligence and a comprehensive commentary about our findings. Gold Due Diligence is a top-notch qualitative and quantitative analysis which goes well-beyond what many institutional investors do in-house when analyzing alternative investment funds.

Ops Due Diligence reports contain our analysis of 80+ operational risk factors, based primarily on our onsite due diligence findings, containing a comprehensive commentary explaining the results of our analysis. This is a top-notch operational analysis covering the broad risks which can lead to a fundís operational failure.

You can download a presentation outlining the differences between the services by clicking here.

"SwissAnalytics has provided a thorough and good quality investigation into a variety of potential investments. Their reports have greatly assisted our due diligence processes, identifying both commercial and risk control issues and have helped resolve potential pitfalls prior to investment."

— Guy Shirley
    Operational Risk Manager
    Ruffer LLP

About SwissAnalytics

SwissAnalytics is a privately held company with headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. Clients include banks, pension funds, FoHFs, family offices and other institutional investors. With over 50 years of single-manager and fund of funds management experience, the firm's partners are dedicated to delivering superior qualitative and quantitative alternative investment research.

SwissAnalytics staff is composed of skilled and experienced alternative investment professionals who work within a structured framework so that every potential red flag is thoroughly researched, analyst bias is minimized and the results of the analyses are directly comparable to one another.

By providing clients with meaningful analysis on their existing or potential alternative investments, SwissAnalytics services complement existing investment processes and can help avoid costly, regrettable investment decisions.

"We have been working with SwissAnalytics for many years and have always appreciated their quality and flexibility to tailor their service to our specific needs."

— Maurus Bossi
    Managing Director
    Platinum Capital Advisors

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