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  • Actionable intelligence on holdings, performance, assets, fees and more
  • Unrestricted access to DataFinder Pro, our web-based fund analysis tool
  • Daily updates of monthly returns
  • Email contact information for key principals with biographies, and more
  • 92% average update frequency

*Based on responses to a recent survey conducted
by Andrew + Selikoff Partners

quotes What Customers are Saying
  • We have been subscribers to the BarclayHedge database since 2008. In addition to a broad coverage and timely data provision, what I find particularly valuable about working with BarclayHedge is their timely and high level of customer service.
    - $ multi-bil. CTA Manager
  • In my opinion your database is one of the highest quality databases on hedge funds.
    - Dr. Robert Kosowski | Imperial College London
  • I have never seen data as accurate, current, and comprehensive as the Barclayhedge data. We are very impressed with how accurate all the data points have been.
    - Jeffrey Schwartz | Principal, Hedgez
  • The team at Barclayhedge has been professional, knowledgeable and helpful. This is a company you can really do business with and trust.
    - Jeffrey Schwartz | Principal, Hedgez
  • This database is one of the cleanest and most accurate...
    - Gary Lynch | MARHedge | Former President and Publisher
  • The quality and detail of the hedge fund data supplied by BarclayHedge ensured the judging process for the Americas Awards 2012 was based on accurate returns. The judging panel particularly appreciated the depth and breadth of the research... .
    - Margie Lindsay | Editor of Hedge Funds Review | Chairwoman of the Judging Panel
  • Based on my experience with the major databases, my colleagues and I agree that the BarclayHedge database is the superior product in the market place today. The data is clean, comprehensive, complete, accurate, and extremely well-organized.
    - Greg N. Gregoriou, PhD | Professor of Finance | State University of New York (Plattsburgh)
Current Data

Daily updates of monthly returns, profiling 5840 Hedge Funds. 92% average update frequency (within 30 days of month end).

hedge fund database

Information on holdings, performance, assets, fees and more. Includes direct email addresses and key principals with biographies. More than 200 unique fields per fund and well over 500,000 individual monthly data points are refreshed daily and maintain an average update frequency of 92% within 30 days.

hedge fund database
Web-Based Fund Analysis Tool

Your purchase gives you free access to Datafinder Pro, our web-based fund analysis tool. Datafinder Pro makes it easy to create customized rankings that meet your investment objectives. Browse thousands of funds, see live data, create rankings, and more.

hedge fund database

Reported direct from the source; refreshed daily with updated performance and assets, important changes to fund and manager data, and new fund additions.

hedge fund database

Easily sort and filter any field or combination of fields to compile a selection of funds and managers. Store and use the complete database on your PC. A truly relational database providing fund IDs, manager IDs and both vertical and horizontal monthly data points.

hedge fund database

Choose from Microsoft Excel (spreadsheet) or Access (table) formats. Compatible with most third-party analysis packages such as Backstop, Finlab, Informais, ABC Quant, Markov, Matrix-AIMS, Pertrac, Risk Data, Style Advisor, TAO, and our proprietary MAP format.

hedge fund database
Current Database Snapshot
Global Hedge Fund FoF CTA Graveyard Contact
Number of reporting funds 6943 5840 871 1103 20231 29279
Number of reporting management companies 2175 1648 194 527 7076 10681
Number of funds added this month 64 57 12 7 51 64
Number of funds added in previous month 131 107 12 24 81 131
Annual refreshes 24 24 24 24 24 12
Cost (annual subscription) USD 6,000 USD 4,500 USD 2,000 USD 3,000 USD 6,000 USD 4,500
Managers domiciled in USA 58.57% 58.43% 53.61% 59.01% 67.54% 61.05%
Managers domiciled in Europe 23.95% 22.69% 34.54% 27.89% 19.14% 19.23%
Managers domiciled in Caribbean 14.39% 15.59% 3.61% 10.63% 9.23% 3.40%
Managers domiciled in Rest of World 3.08% 3.28% 8.25% 2.47% 4.10% 16.33%
Funds domiciled in USA 24.41% 17.74% 14.93% 59.75% 35.67% 30.14%
Funds domiciled in Europe 43.66% 49.01% 52% 15.32% 18.10% 27.78%
Funds domiciled in Caribbean 19.44% 20.07% 23.42% 16.14% 36.07% 28.61%
Funds domiciled in Rest of World 12.49 % 13.18% 9.87% 8.79% 10.16% 13.48%
Fund Update Summary(Real Time)
% of Funds With July Returns 66.99% 64.96% 46.55% 77.22%    
% of Funds With June Returns 97.63% 97.86% 98.28% 96.46%    
Performance Reporting for - July 2018
Funds with positive ROR 64.91% 67.04% 72.35% 55.87%    
Average positive ROR 1.67% 1.64% 0.76% 1.80%    
Funds with negative ROR 35.09% 32.96% 27.65% 44.13%    
Average negative ROR -1.52% -1.36% -0.60% -1.99%    
Average ROR 0.56% 0.65% 0.38% 0.13%    
Highest ROR 41.20% 38.34% 7.00% 41.20%    
Median ROR 0.48% 0.56% 0.32% 0.18%    
Lowest ROR -25.72% -25.72% -3.40% -15.20%    

More Benefits:

Downloadable Data Integrated With Online Reports
Online reports provide users with the most current information in a user friendly format. Use Excel to sort and filter the entire Hedge Fund Database to find funds that match your criteria, then click on fund names and download professional, easy to read, 8 page reports with the most up-to-date information.

For Investors
Enhance and streamline the due diligence process and avoid costly mistakes. Easily sort and filter any field or combination of 104 qualitative and quantitative fields to compile a selection compatible with your objectives. Facilitates in-depth style and sector analysis, portfolio optimization and stress testing. Discloses underlying holdings, portfolio allocations, fees, investment minimums, historic monthly performance and assets, objectives, direct contact information and much more.

For Researchers
Get results quickly. Gain insight into key strategies, tactics and core competencies. Benchmark your fund and strategy or raise assets from pre-qualified managers. Sort, filter and compare any field or combination of fields directly on your PC and export results directly to third-party applications. Key contact persons, job titles, direct emails and accurate data points ensure you get the best return on your subscription investment.

Fund Information

Manager Information

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