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Risk Management Reporting Services for Asset Managers and Investors

Investor Analytics provides Risk Management reporting services for asset managers and investors. Some of the analyses and tools we provide:

  • Stress Tests, What-If, and Scenario Analyses
  • Exposures, Volatilities, Correlations
  • Value-at-Risk, Expected Shortfall, Tail-Risk Analyses
  • Full revaluation simulations of fixed-income securities
  • Risk Factor Sensitivities, Betas
  • Risk Attribution, Incremental VaR, Marginal Risk
  • Monte Carlo, Fat-Tail Analysis, Extreme Value Theory
  • Alerts for any risk measure exceeding thresholds

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Company Info

  • Founded in 1999
  • Privately held by founders, employees, and select investors
  • 17 Employees in two offices: New York City and New Jersey
  • Owns 100% of the code / methodologies behind the service

"More than a risk report, Investor Analytics provides a complete risk and portfolio management platform that gives me the tools and flexibility I need to effectively manage my portfolios and client assets"

— Francesco Mainolfi, Ph.D.
    CEO & CIO, Linceo Capital Management

How it works

Delivered in a “Software as a Service” (SaaS) business model, clients need only a web browser and pdf viewer for full access. IA works with the client’s administrators, custodians, prime-brokers, and sometimes directly with the funds themselves to collect, clean and aggregate portfolio data. We then use a variety of market data sources and our proprietary methodologies to perform our value-added risk analytics.

Investor Analytics Risk Management Graph

Our Clients

  • Range from global financial institutions to small hedge funds.
  • Are in the Americas, UK, Europe and Asia
  • Invest in all strategies, asset classes, geographies and sectors
  • Have a wide range of transparency levels – from daily position to only monthly returns
  • Include: hedge funds, pension funds, funds of hedge funds, banks, insurance companies, endowments, consultants and financial advisors.

"In searching Risk Management tools specifically created for the unique challenges we face as a Fund of Funds, we found that Investor Analytics is years ahead of their competition. Most importantly, there's no 'hype'; they demonstrate the accuracy of the analysis, providing us with a high degree of confidence in the results."

— Dean Rubino
    CEO, Global Fund of Hedge Funds

Who We Are

  • An award-wining and globally recognized leader in market risk management services.
  • A team of experienced and highly qualified industry professionals with backgrounds in trading, risk analysis, fund accounting, economics, statistics, and technology
  • A thought leader in bringing advanced applications to risk management, such as: Behavioral Risk™, Advanced Monte Carlo Simulations, and “LDR” - Liability Driven Risk

As a BarclayHedge member receive an exclusive 10% discount on your first Risk Management Report from Investor Analytics.

Industry Recognition

  • 2010 Software Product of the Year, Risk Magazine
  • January 2010: Featured on NPR’s Morning Edition
  • June 2009 cover feature article in Risk Professional Magazine
  • Regular Invited Speakers for the Financial Times
  • Featured in: AR + Alpha, Global Custodian, Institutional Investor, IP&E, HFR, CFA Society and other leading journals

"Investor Analytics combines state of the art risk management software with amazing customer service."

— Warren Naphtal
    President, P/E Investments

The Value we Bring

  • Practical and timely analysis of market risks
  • Improved transparency for investors and managers
  • Real-time Stress-Tests, What-Ifs and Scenarios
  • Outstanding Client Satisfaction
  • Truly intuitive interface, tools and reports
  • Seamless integration of all portfolio data
  • Completely independent 3rd party risk analysis
  • Branded & custom reporting


  • Very wide coverage of strategies and asset classes
  • Position-based risk analyses and returns-based risk analyses
  • Speed of implementation: clients are up in weeks, not months
  • Support for fully transparent and non-transparent funds
  • Daily, weekly or monthly risk analyses
  • Portfolio data collection and cleansing
  • Fully documented methodologies and techniques
  • Intuitive and easy to use web interface

As a BarclayHedge member receive an exclusive 10% discount on your first Risk Management Report from Investor Analytics.

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