Alternative Investment Databases


BarclayHedge produces and updates the most comprehensive database set in the industry with in-depth information on hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs. BarclayHedge offers on-demand access to FundFinder Pro, our web-based fund analysis tool that allows you to find exactly the information you want such as holdings, performance, assets, fees, direct emails and key information about the firms.

Global Hedge Fund Database

Our most comprehensive database with more than 6,900 hedge funds, funds of funds, UCITS funds, 40 Act funds and CTAs.

Hedge Fund Database

Features over 5,800 hedge funds and serves as a deep source of information on the investment sector.

Managed Futures (CTA) Database

Sort, compile and compare more than 1,100 CTAs with useful information on assets, performance and fees.

UCITS Database

The UCITS Database carries over 2,000 hedge funds in the category, offering detailed information about the investment category.

Currency Traders Database

The Currency Traders Database features more than 80 currency funds and managed accounts, offering a detailed look at the category.

Graveyard Database

The Graveyard Database provides more than 20,000 liquidated or non-reporting hedge funds, funds of funds and CTAs.

Contact Marketing Database

Contains valuable information on over 29,000 hedge funds, FoFs and CTAs, providing customers with direct email, phone numbers, job titles and bios on key decision makers at each firm.

Funds of Hedge Funds Database

Drill deep into the details of over 800 funds of funds, sorting on more than 350 unique fields including holdings, assets, performance, fees, strategies and investment styles.

Single Manager Hedge Fund Database

More than 350 unique data points help you sort and compare over 4,900 single-manager hedge funds, UCITS funds and 40 Act funds with pinpoint precision.