BarclayHedge TV™

Because investment decisions are rarely based solely on data.

Selecting a manager requires a systematic and thorough fact-finding process. Sifting through reams of data will help you eliminate the less qualified managers.

But investment decisions are rarely based solely on data. So once the choices have been narrowed down to a short-list of possible candidates, the telephone conversations and manager meetings begin.

And this is precisely where BarclayHedge TV can help you.

Meet the managers on BarclayHedge TV and discover what sets them apart in this competitive environment.

BarclayHedge TV puts a face to the name. Instantly, you will be able to determine which managers interest you and which do not, all with just a single click of your mouse. Think of the time savings and increased efficiency for you. Just scroll down, watch a few of the 3 minute manager interviews, and decide for yourself.

BarclayHedge TV™ puts a face to the name. Connect with potential investors and share what sets you apart with the power of video.

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