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Barclay Hedge Fund Indices

The Barclay Hedge Fund Indices are recalculated and updated real-time on this page as soon as the monthly returns for the underlying funds are recorded. Only funds that provide us with net returns are included in the index calculation. The number of funds that are currently included in the calculations for the most recent month can be found in the footnotes below.

Please note that the calculation for each index as well as the number of funds included in the calculation is time-stamped. The number of funds included in the calculation will continue to increase until all funds categorized within the sector have reported monthly returns. For a more complete description on each of the indices including the complete historical data set, please click on the names of the individual indices below.

Barclay Hedge Fund Indices April
Number of
funds reporting†
YTD through
April †
Barclay Hedge Fund Index 0.64% 2984 3.65%
Hedge Fund Industry Money Under Management    
Convertible Arbitrage Index 0.42% 21 1.75%
Distressed Securities Index 0.15% 37 0.96%
Emerging Markets Index 0.88% 407 7.07%
Equity Long Bias Index 1.00% 393 4.25%
Equity Long/Short Index 0.57% 419 2.53%
Equity Market Neutral Index 0.44% 104 1.44%
European Equities Index 1.23% 94 4.37%
Event Driven Index 0.92% 121 3.97%
Fixed Income Arbitrage Index 0.40% 24 2.96%
Fund of Funds Index 0.51% 732 2.49%
Global Macro Index -0.48% 150 0.60%
Healthcare & Biotechnology Index 0.81% 44 8.38%
Merger Arbitrage Index 1.14% 41 1.90%
Multi Strategy Index 0.41% 108 2.54%
Pacific Rim Equities Index -0.41% 35 1.92%
Technology Index 1.77% 41 8.89%
†Estimated performance for April 2017, number of funds included and YTD calculated with reported data as of May-30-2017 00:25 US CST

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