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Monthly Hedge Fund Asset Flow Data by Strategy

We estimate the hedge fund industry posted an inflow of $4.0 billion (0.3% of assets) in May after posting an outflow of $3.4 billion (0.3% of assets) in April. Thanks to poor performance - hedge funds posted a negative return of 3.1% in May, the first since February 2009 - industry assets decreased for the first time since July 2009. Total hedge fund assets stand at $1.6 trillion, 31.3% south of the record $2.3 trillion in June 2008. We estimate that funds of hedge funds posted an inflow of $26 million (0.005% of assets) in May, the third straight inflow. In fact, funds of funds (down 2.1%) outperformed hedge funds (down 3.1%) in May for the first time since February 2009. Commodity trading advisors (CTAs) are also gaining traction. They posted inflows of $681 million (0.3% of assets) in May and $2.6 billion (1.2% of assets) in the past three months.

Multi-Strategy Emerging Markets Distressed Securities Other Long/Short Equity Market Neutral Macro Equity Long Only Event Driven Fixed Income Equity Long Biased Merger Arbitrage Convertible Arbitrage Sector Specific Funds of Funds Managed Futures

Convertible Arbitrage Distressed Securities Emerging Markets Equity Long Biased Equity Long Only Equity Long-Short Equity Market Neutral Event Driven Fixed Income Macro Merger Arbitrage Multi-Strategy Other Sector Specific Funds of Funds Managed Futures

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For additional information about hedge fund and managed futures flows subscribe to the Hedge Fund Flow Report.

Hedge Fund Flow Report

About the Hedge Fund Flow Report

The Hedge Fund Flow Report combines the accuracy of the BarclayHedge database with the analytical insight of TrimTabs Investment Research.

The report is generated by TrimTabs Investment Research using the most current data on 5728 hedge funds. An annual subscription, priced at only $2,200, includes 12 monthly updates as well as a spreadsheet containing historical flow aggregates by category.


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