Barclay’s Directory of Funds of Hedge Funds profiles more than 1,471 carefully selected funds of hedge funds and funds of CTAs

The Barclay Fund of Funds Directory
  • 1,471 Hedge Funds and Funds of Funds
  • Updated 4 times a year
  • Comparative statistical analysis of the
              featured funds of funds
  • Rankings by various risk/reward
             and growth measures
  • PDF format, with a browser-like
             interface, makes accessing information          easy and intuitive
  • Ability to quickly search by fund
              name, manager name, domicile name
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quotes What Customers are Saying
  • The Barclay Directory of Funds of Funds is the best independent reference in the industry.
    - Garry T. Collins, Director, Capital Services | CREDIT SUISSE SECURITIES (USA) LLC
  • Your directory has been very helpful. It's the most comprehensive Fund of Funds directory I have seen. Thanks again.
    - Michael E. Songer | Spectrum Asset Management LLC
  • The data that Barclay provides is high quality, detailed and concise. I personally use Barclay's FOF directory to fact check Hedge Connection FOF investor member information.
    - Lisa Vioni, CEO | Hedge Connection Inc. & Co. LLC

Detailed fact sheets on each fund/program contain essential quantitative and qualitative information including performance since inception, trading method, VAMI, strategy allocations, complete contact information, and more.

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Current Data

Barclay's Directory of Funds of Hedge Funds is updated quarterly, providing you fresh data 4 times a year.

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Web-Based Fund Analysis Tool

Your purchase gives you free access to Datafinder Pro, our web-based fund analysis tool. Datafinder Pro makes it easy to create customized rankings that meet your investment objectives. Browse thousands of hedge funds, funds of funds, and CTAs and see live data. Create rankings, portfolios, correlations, and more.

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Barclay's Directory of Funds of Hedge Funds provides access to thousands of pages of information all at an affordable cost.

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Features a "browser-like" interface that enables users to effortlessly navigate through comprehensive data and in-depth comparative analysis of fund/program performance.


Comes in a PDF format, which is both Windows and Mac compatible.

Current Database Snapshot
Managers domiciled in USA:   49.34%
Managers domiciled in Europe:   38.74%
Managers domiciled in Caribbean:   6.29%
Managers domiciled in Rest of World:   5.63%
Funds domiciled in USA:   16.29%
Funds domiciled in Europe:   39%
Funds domiciled in Caribbean :   43.20%
Funds domiciled in Rest of World:   1.98%
Number of Pages:   approximately 3,600
Type:   PDF
Profiled Funds:   1,471 Funds of Hedge Funds

More Benefits:

For Investors
Enhance and streamline the due diligence process and avoid costly mistakes. More than 3,200 full-page, highly detailed fact sheets make it easy to compare funds, strategies and management firms that comply with your risk/reward appetite.

Discloses underlying hedge funds, portfolio allocations, fees, investment minimums, historic monthly performance, assets, objectives, direct contact information and much more.

For Researchers
Get results quickly. Gain insight into key strategies, tactics and core competencies. Benchmark your fund and strategy or raise assets from pre-qualified managers.

A wealth of industry overviews, commentary and perspectives combined with in-depth statistical analysis of fund, manager and asset distribution, fee, subscription, redemption and return frequencies ensure you have the information you need on hand.

Key contact persons, job titles, direct emails and accurate data points ensure you get the most accurate and detailed data available.

Fund Information

Management Company Information

Table of Contents
Section One: Alphabetical Index by Fund Name, Manager, and Domicile

Section Two: Performance Rankings

Section Three: Statistical Analysis of Featured Funds of Hedge Funds

Section Four: Additions/Deletions, Appendix, Editor's Letter