Comprehensive and Up-to-Date Information on
885 Managed Futures Programs in an
Easy to Use Format and at an Affordable Cost

The Barclay CTA Directory
  • 885 managed futures programs
  • Up-to-date information delivered 4 times a year
  • Access information easily and intuitively with a browser-like interface
  • Comparative statistical analysis of the featured funds/programs
  • Rankings by various risk/reward and growth measures
  • Ability to quickly search by program name, manager name, domicile
  • Windows and Mac compatible
quotes What Customers are Saying
  • We have used the Barclay CTA directory for years ... we have confidence in the information and it is very easy to use. In addition, the people at Barclay's have always bent over backwards to help us in any way possible...
    - Bob Pardo | Pardo Capital Limited
  • We here at JP Morgan believe that your data on the CTA industry and currency traders to be the best available.
    - Ben Kilmartin CFA | Vice President | JPMorgan Asset Management
  • I use Barclay's Commodity Trading Advisor (CTA) Database literally every business day. I find it to be a dynamic and indispensable tool for the analysis and marketing of CTAs and managed futures funds.
    - George H. Rohrs, Jr. | Principal | Rohrs & Co. LLC

Detailed fact sheets on each fund/program contain essential quantitative and qualitative information including performance since inception, trading method, VAMI, strategy allocations, complete contact information, and more.

Current Data

The Barclay Managed Futures (CTA) Directory is updated quarterly, providing you fresh data 4 times a year.


The Barclay Managed Futures (CTA) Directory provides access to thousands of pages of information at a very affordable cost.


Features a "browser-like" interface that enables users to effortlessly navigate through comprehensive data and in-depth comparative analysis of managed futures program performance.


Comes in a PDF format, which is both Windows and Mac compatible.


With more than 3,600 pages of current, well-organized information at your fingertips, the Barclay CTA Directory will help you identify managers that meet your risk/reward parameters.