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Fund Name




Apollo Capital Management- Crypto Fund

Apollo Capital Management Pty Ltd

Managed Futures

February 2018

Autodidactic Crypto Fund LTD

Autodidactic I Funds LLC

Managed Futures

January 2018

Blackheath (Al Global Macro Strategy)

Blackheath Fund Management Inc.

Managed Futures

March 2018

Insch Kintore Strategy

INSCH Capital Management SA

Managed Futures

April 2018

J8 Global Absolute Return UCITS

J8 Capital Management LLP

Managed Futures

February 2018

Obelisk Total Return Fund Ltd

Andalucia Financial

Emerging Markets - MENA

February 2018

Salus Alpha Capital Smarter Than Crypto

Salus Alpha Capital Ltd

Managed Futures

February 2018

Systematic Alpha Cryptocurrency Fund

Systematic Alpha Management, LLC

Managed Futures

February 2018

Typhon (leonidas Cryptocurrency Fund)

Typhon Capital Management

Managed Futures

January 2018

Yield Solutions Sapphire and Indigo Fund

Yield Solutions SA

Volatility Trading

January 2018

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