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Quant Suite Barclay Edition - An analytical platform for hedge fund assessment and portfolio construction

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Quant Suite Barclay Edition is a sophisticated analytical platform that offers everything to deliver the most compelling risk management solutions and provide effective asset allocations for hedge fund investment portfolios.

All Barclay Hedge members are eligible to receive one of the three free upgrades listed below on your first Quant Suite Barclay Edition purchase.

To receive one of these upgrades, please present the BarclayHedge coupon code when speaking to an ABC Quant representative. (the BarclayHedge coupon is shown after submitting an information request below):

1. Free Trend Segmentation database update ($1,500 value)
    more details

Trend segmentation is Quant Suite's proprietary technique that allows performance valuation over different market trends. If, for example, a manager shows a significant market factor driving its performance as S&P 500, we can see how that fund performed during S&P 500 uptrends, downtrends or trendless markets. A special database is provided that is updated twice a month for the Trend Segmentation analysis. That database includes either a standard set of indices with trend data or a customized set (charged extra subject to the actual index subset size). Regular price: $1,500. Yours free with this special offer.

2. Free custom reporting template ($800 value)
    more details

Quant Suite includes a few standard reporting templates (MS Excel export). These are quite generic and cover hundreds of statistics. However, some customers require additional tailored reports that include selected charts, metrics and so on. Regular charge is $800 for development of such a template, which is integrated into Quant Suite (as a special report button). Receive it free with this offer.

3. Free 6 hours of consulting and custom training ($1,500 value)
    more details

When you purchase Quant Suite Barclay Edition 6 hours of consulting and custom training are included free. Any extra is is charged at the rate of $250/hr. This offer qualifies you to receive an additional 6 hours for free (12 hours total).


Quant Suite Barclay Edition includes a broad choice of analytical solutions for investment professionals:

  • Risk-return valuation across hundreds of advanced metrics including higher moments
  • Portfolio construction and stochastic simulation tools
  • Tools for manager valuation during different market trends
  • Non-linear portfolio optimization
  • Multi-factor return-based style analysis
  • Peer group comparison analysis
  • Tools for constructing custom evaluation metrics
  • Flexible screening filters and subset creation tools.

Advanced models

Quant Suite Barclay Edition incorporates the latest studies and most advanced analytics available today: high moment risk modeling, non-linear portfolio optimization, omega and kappa metrics, trend segmentation analysis and many more. Quant framework is capable of addressing numerous risk valuation problems and data biases specific to alternative investments.

Unique solutions

For the first time in the industry, Quant Suite Barclay Edition introduces the FlexiRank™ analysis and Trend Segmentation™ technique. FlexiRank™ offers creating custom metrics based on the investor’s particular preferences and ranking peer group instruments accordingly. Trend Segmentation™ valuation models incorporate analysis of diverse manager performance over different market conditions.

About ABC Quant

ABC Quant, LLC is a leading vendor of analytical models and software tools for the hedge fund industry. Its in-depth knowledge of alternative investments has enabled it to develop a growing family of unique solutions for investment professionals. It is a global company with offices and representatives in Sydney, London and New York.

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