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Fund Name




1900 Investments(Dynamic Oil)

1900 Investments Asset Management

Managed Futures

January 2014

ABCA Implicity

ABC Arbitrage Asset Management

Volatility Trading

April 2014

Areca SICAV SIF - Liquid Focus Fund

Ayaltis AG

Fund of Funds

February 2014

Bluenose Capital Mgmt ( BNC CL )

Bluenose Capital Management, LLC

Managed Futures

March 2014

Daniel Velocity Fund L.P.

Daniel Capital Management

Volatility Trading

March 2014

Hellebore Credit Arbitrage

Hellebore Capital Management

Fixed Income - Arbitrage

February 2014

Laur Capital Partners, LP

Laur Capital Management, LP

Equity Long/Short

January 2014

Omni Secured Lending Fund I, L.P.

Omni Partners LLP

Fixed Income - Asset-Backed Loans

February 2014

Pavise Equity Partners

Pavise Capital Management LLC

Equity Long-Bias

January 2014

PTAM Dynamic Fixed Income Fund

PTAM (PT Asset Management, LLC)

Fixed Income - Diversified

January 2014

Tyche Capital Adv. (Inst'l Spreads)

Tyche Capital Advisors LLC

Managed Futures

March 2014

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