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Fund Name




Alpha Opportunities Fund, L.P.

One Oak Capital Management

Fixed Income - Long/Short Credit

March 2015

Altana Directors' Dealings System UCITS

Altana Wealth

Equity Long Only

April 2015

Bainbridge (Alcazar Renewables Strategy)

Bainbridge Partners LLP

Managed Futures

February 2015

Blackwater Prudent FX Strategy

Blackwater Capital Management

Managed Futures

January 2015

Duet Mena Horizon Fund UCITS

Duet Mena Limited

Equity Long Only

January 2015

E&P Commodity Strategy

Estlander & Partners

Managed Futures

January 2015

ETFS Div-Factor US Large Cap Index Fund

ETF Securities


January 2015

Progressive Capital (Linden Core 1X/2X)

Progressive Capital Partners Ltd

Managed Futures

March 2015

Sardonyx Capital Sector Momentum I L.P.

Sardonyx Capital Management LLC

Mutual Funds/ETFs

January 2015

TPH Energy Credit Opportunities Fund LP

TPH Asset Management, LLC

Sector - Energy

February 2015

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